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Why Nova Scotia, Why Windsor

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Oct 9, 2015 8:46:14 AM

King's-Edgehill School is located in Windsor, Nova Scotia. Windsor is a small, picturesque town only 66 kilometres from Nova Scotia’s capital city of Halifax and Halifax International Airport.

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Windsor is in the Annapolis Valley agricultural region, and thanks to its varied terrain it offers year-round recreation. That’s wonderful for us, because Athletics is one of the key elements in the educational programme at King's-Edgehill School!

The Windsor area offers:

  • A ski hill with downhill ski, cross country and snowboarding facilities
  • Skating and ice hockey rinks
  • Swimming pools
  • Courts for basketball and volleyball
  • Fields for softball, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer
  • Hiking and biking trails

Windsor is considered the "cradle of ice hockey" since the game was played on frozen Long Pond in the early 19th century by boys from King's Collegiate School. The game was called "hurley" at that time. Ice hockey was eventually played at Windsor's Stannus Street Rink, the oldest arena in Canada.

This is a safe, secure community where we opened our doors in 1788 as the King's Collegiate School for boys. The Edgehill School for girls joined in 1890. The two combined officially as King's-Edgehill School (KES) in 1976. KES was Canada's first independent and co-educational school. Today, KES has a student body of day students and boarding students totalling approximately 300 students.  As Nova Scotians, we often take the safety of our community for granted, yet for our international families for whom safety is a key consideration, rest assured: Windsor is a small, close-knit, safe community.  

The beauty and climate of Nova Scotia

Our province enjoys an Atlantic maritime climate with four seasons. Nova Scotia is the warmest province in Canada with mild winter weather due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean.  No place in the province is more than 67km from the sea. The province’s population is just under one million.

Students at KES have an opportunity to explore the province and learn about its history and geography. Windsor is at the junction of the Avon and St. Croix rivers. It's close to the famous Bay of Fundy and Halls Harbour where visitors can watch the extreme tidal changes. This is where KES students study ocean sciences and learn why this bay has a 50-foot tidal swing - one of the largest tidal changes in the world with 160 billion tonnes of water entering and leaving the bay twice a day. Students can watch the ‘tidal bore’, a phenomenon that causes 10 to 12 foot rapids when, twice daily, incoming tides meet the surge of outgoing river water.

ESL Programme

English is the primary language in Nova Scotia. KES has a comprehensive English as a Second Language programme for students who want to improve their skills. Our School provides a wonderful opportunity for our International Students to optimize their exposure to English both on campus and off campus. Your child will have many chances to practice their English when he or she is out and about in the community for social, academic, cultural, sports, and volunteering outings.

Learn more about our community by downloading our PhotoJournal about Windsor.

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