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Adam Ullock: Making the world a better place, one bag at a time

large_news1335505_1345160Adam Ullock attended KES from 2001-2003.  He was a Prefect, Captain of the Varsity Boys’ Hockey Team (as well as the MVP), and an integral member of the Boys’ Varsity Rugby Team.  In 2004, Adam returned to KES to become a Houseparent in the Boys’ Dorm and to help coach the Senior Boys’ Hockey Team with his former coach, Chris Strickey.  Alas, Adam eventually left KES to pursue the culinary arts.  Adam is now a chef who resides here in Nova Scotia; however, it isn’t his cooking that brings him to our attention this week!   Earth Day was Wednesday, April 22nd and it is only apropos to highlight a movement that Adam and a few of his friends started on March 29th to make our world a better place. 

Adam’s group is advocating the Nova Scotia One Garbage Bag Challenge. It’s a Facebook group who promotes cleaning up Nova Scotia one bag of garbage at a time.  Adam’s initial post on Facebook issued a challenge, We are challenging you to go out for a walk and pick up one bag of Garbage! Let’s use this time to make a difference and clean up our beautiful province. All it takes is 30 minutess out of everyone's zoom_news1335505_1345161day to make a huge difference!  The Challenge: Get outside today or any day this week or next and pick up one bag of garbage on your walk. Post a picture of you and your bag of garbage and let’s see how many people we can get to join in helping clean our beautiful province!  Dustin Dutcher and I got out today and picked up 25 bags of garbage in only 2 hours!!! Small acts can make a large difference, let’s do our part! Please like and share our group and let’s use this free time to do some actual spring cleaning in Nova Scotia!  Thanks everyone!”  

As of 8:00 pm on Earth Day, Adam’s group had 804 members!  If you might be interested in learning more and perhaps even joining this group, please click here
This fun group captured some media attention on CTV’s Morning Live on Wednesday.  Please click here to see Adam talk about his unique initiative.
It has definitely been challenging to find moments of happiness this week as Nova Scotians continue to reel from the devastation of this past weekend; however, Adam has certainly done his best to make our world a happier and cleaner place.

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