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Athletes of the Week - Week of October 12th – 18th

“Athletes of the Week” (AOW) are selected based on athletic performance and sportsmanship. Positive sporting behaviour is valued at KES and integral to our Athletic Philosophy and School Mission Statement emphasizing gentleness and learning and dignity and respect.

For the Week of October 12th – 18th

Senior Girl - Haley Hunt
 is a veteran on the volleyball court.  This self-motivated, determined and hard-working athlete is continually working to perfect her skills every time she steps foot on the court.  She is always reliable, open to constructive criticism, smiles, gives 110% and continually asks questions to develop her positional play.  I look forward to watching our team and Haley grow throughout our season. Congratulations, Haley!

Senior Boy - Emiliano Bonilla - Although our first soccer league game ended in a 5-1 loss to Park View, there were some highlights for our squad.  In the first half, we scored first on a play that developed from the great work of Mr. Bonilla. His savvy around the top of the opponents’ 18-yard box gave Hokyun a great opportunity to crack one home.  As the game progressed, Park View took control of possession as an experienced team typically would.  Undaunted, Bonilla continued his intense work rate.  He kept the energy flowing for our team and never let his positive attitude waiver. A great leader for KES boy’s soccer, Bonilla deserves recognition for his effective leadership and overall positive effect on his teammates; especially when our team was down a few goals and could have easily folded their tents! Well done, Emiliano!

Junior Boy - Vincent Armstrong is an excellent offensive and defensive midfielder and embodies the midfielder mantra “in all places at all times”. A tireless athlete and a focused and skilful competitor, Vincent is always there to make the pass, lead the rush or race back to support the defence. He will be instrumental in all his soccer team’s endeavours this season. Well done, Vincent, we appreciate your efforts … well deserved!

Junior Girl - Gabby Shaw - Although it has been a season unlike any other, Gabby has embraced the changes to our practice and game format with positivity, maturity, and exceptional leadership. For the first month of the soccer season, all our games were scrimmages with the Junior boys. Gabby made the most of this training time and gave her best attitude and effort in each session. She found a perfect balance between having fun and working hard, and this role modelling has set the tone for other players on the team. In the team’s first game of the season on October 15, Gabby started off as keeper and shut out NKEC for the first half. She then played in the striker position for the second half of the game, creating several offensive opportunities and scoring the team a goal to end things in a 1-1 tie. Recently named Team Captain, we are grateful for Gabby’s contributions both on and off the pitch!

For the Week of October 19th – 25th

Senior Girl - Lily Gale
 had an excellent two games last week, first, on the road against Horton, where her mature decision-making and big effort helped to create a few key KES scoring chances. In her last home league soccer game of her Grade 12 year, on Saturday versus Parkview, Lily scored two fantastic goals to secure a dominant KES victory. Her 2nd goal capped off a string of 8 passes as she finished following a crossed ball from the right wing. Lily made a number of other impressive plays to earn offensive player of the game honours for her team. Lily is having a tremendous senior season and has demonstrated great leadership and maturity and provides a great example for her younger teammates each and everyday.

Senior Boy - Mario Meira-Lavoie - Last week, Mario played every minute of three soccer games.  He worked very hard vs. Horton, Yarmouth, and AV.  Undeterred by some tough plays and results, Mario continued to always show well and continue a torrid work rate.  He also kept his composure when the team could have gone the wrong way, mentally.  His steadfast leadership was appreciated by his peers and coaches alike. During our last games of the season, Mario finished strong with a two-goal performance to seal a win over our cross-town rivals, Avon View.  Congratulations, Mario!

Junior Boy - Harrison Klein has been a key element of the soccer team’s offensive line. His speed, precise touch and sense of one-on-one tactics make him difficult to defend against and a constant threat anywhere in the opposition’s half. Harrison’s determination, strength and sense of play have been instrumental in the team’s recent successes and will be an important part of the team’s bid for the district final in the coming weeks. Well done, Harrison. 
Junior Girl - Sabine Wellard is a key centre defender and a leader of our Junior girls’ soccer defence. She treats her teammates and opponents with respect. Sabine is a perfect balance of patience and relentless on the field, and this level-headed play results in her winning battles and safely (and strongly) clearing the ball up the field. Sabine’s ability to read the game and make wise decisions under pressure have contributed a great deal to the team’s development and the overall success this season. Congratulations, Sabine!
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