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Bronze Level Award Winners

Bronze Level Award Winners

In a year where finding opportunities to volunteer was very challenging, the students in the Junior School rose to that challenge and earned almost 1200 hours of community service as a group.  These students made cards for seniors, participated in School and community garbage pick-ups, performed peer tutoring, served in chapel, chopped wood, mowed neighbourhood lawns, and took on numerous other small tasks to make this happen.  It is clear that most of our students are not “in it for the pin”; most of them kept volunteering long after they had secured their awards, simply because they loved what they were doing. 

Bronze Level Award Winners
For our Grade 9 students in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme, I am impressed with the number who managed to get their Bronze Level Award completed this year!  We got two day-hikes completed early in the year, but our required overnight trip was booked, postponed, rescheduled several times, and ultimately cancelled.  To compensate for these COVID-related difficulties worldwide, the Duke of Edinburgh organization set up a virtual programme, requiring students to watch videos of other people taking hikes, then physically preparing, cooking and eating a meal together, and then working in small groups to do research projects/PowerPoint presentation about COVID-19.  Compared to a regular award year, this easily added between 20 and 30 hours of time to get the award requirements completed; however, quite a number of our students persevered and have received their awards.  Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed the Bronze Level!

  • Jessica Etou
  • Fiona MacDonald
  • Rendi Ashley
  • Eva Palov
  • Fox Sullivan
  • Sadie Junger
  • Tanvi Manchineni
  • Lucas Martin
  • Emily Mei
  • Claire Morton
  • Danica Scully
  • Colin Stephens
  • Sabine Wellard
  • Harrison Klein
  • Elizabeth Hardy
  • Reegan Wagg
Several other students are very close to finishing, and I look forward to helping them do this over the summer.

Thank you to our staff and parents who encouraged our students, helped with hikes and made volunteer opportunities possible.  Special thanks to Major Keith Hynes who facilitated quite a bit of this through our Cadet Programme.