Inside King's-Edgehill School

Buzzer Beater!!

Our Junior Boys’ Basketball team had a very unique experience this week. Everything came together as we were able to play a local team now that restrictions have eased. A referee was hired quickly, and the gym time was available.
Buzzer Beater
Then the really unexpected happened:  
The Hantsport Shamrock were ahead by 38-26 as the final quarter began. Our boys picked away at the lead with key baskets from Finn Bryant, Tony Ojinere, Parker Simpkin and Colin Stephens.  With 16 seconds to play, the score was tied so Finn Bryant launched a three-pointer. It looked good…..BUT ……. it “rimmed out.” Then Colin Stephens crashed the boards and put in the rebound for a 42-40 victory with a fraction of a second left!! 

March Madness erupted!  A Buzzer Beater for the ages!!  Way to go boys!  Memories made.  A 14-4 run in the final quarter.  
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