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Buzzing for a Cure

Tzoom_news1341166_1348319his year our School had decided to host a Relay For Life event on May 30th. This mission is still important to us and so we are moving the event online as a part of Relay for Life’s “Relay at Home” event and are excited to be hosting 6 weeks of fundraising initiatives, challenges and sharing of stories through our digital communities in Facebook and Instagram.

Each week we will announce a new fundraising goal in exchange for a fun teacher challenge. Our first challenge began this Wednesday and will run until we reach our first goal of $300. When we reach this goal, Mr. Faucher has agreed to get a buzz cut!
With the new online setup, the donation process has changed slightly. You are no longer required to register for the event, instead we have registered as a school. To view our donation page, Please click here.
When asked to “join relay at home” simply exit out of that pop up with the x in the top right corner of that box. You will then see “King’s-Edgehill” come up with a button to donate.
Thank you in advance for all of your support! To stay up to date about Relay For Life, follow our social media:

Instagram: @relayforlifekes
Facebook: Relay For Life at KES
This isn't the only example of King's-Edgehill School students contributing positively to our wider community. There are many opportunities to have an impact at KES. Read more about our Student Volunteers here.
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