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Cards for Caring

zoom_news1362397_1362855Monday afternoon was the inaugural meeting of the “Cards for Caring” club.  This club provides an opportunity every Monday afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30 for students to drop by before or after sports to make a card or write a letter.  These cards will be delivered to local nursing homes in an effort to brighten the day of a resident who hasn’t been able to have many visitors lately.  I was so pleased with the love that our students have already put into their card designs, and the photo attached only shows a small number of the ones made on our first day. 
We welcome new club members from both the Junior and Senior Schools at any time.  If Monday afternoons don’t work for you, the club will also run from 12:10 to 12:45 on Day 6 in my classroom, or you can be set up with supplies to do at home on your own time.  Come and see me for more information!
This isn't the only example of our students contributing positively to our wider community. There are many opportunities to have an impact here at KES. Read more about our Student Volunteers.
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