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Connect, Converse, Catch-Up – Adrian Moore ‘94

I recently connected with King’s-Edgehill School’s new chef, Adrian Moore '94. Our paths crossed on an early morning as I was picking up supplies in the cafeteria for the Grade 9 camping trip. His name did not “ring a bell”; however, his face and mannerism definitely were familiar.

I was trying to place him as we conversed when he said, “You taught me a long time ago!” Yes! Adrian Moore went by Adrian Smith in 1993 when I was in my first year of teaching, and he was in one of my classes. It was great to catch-up and welcome him back to KES.

Adrian has had an adventurous career as a chef working for top wages off-shore on a variety of boats including seismic, dive, and fishing vessels. He also cooked for the crews of oil rigs and worked in Alberta feeding hungry men and women as they extract oil. He said he would regularly play a key role in feeding up to 2800 people a day. Adrian also took a turn as a corporate in-store chef with the Sobeys grocery chain, making television appearances on the familiar TV show Live at Five on ATV.
Adrian has decided for the good of his eight-year-old daughter Dolores and his own health to move to Windsor and take up the role of helping to nourish our students. So far he is enjoying the team and complimented former chef Keith Miller for helping with the transition. Keith has decided to take a bit less responsibility as he approaches retirement; however, Adrian will benefit from having him nearby on a daily basis. “My main focus is my daughter and working out in the gym,” says Adrian. “I still love basketball and played for Mr. Naugler when I was here.” Adrian even offered to help out the junior boys if we have an evening practice with the season about to start up.
Welcome back, Adrian. We are delighted to have you in our court, back on the team!

Kevin Lakes
Junior School Faculty
Junior School Athletics Coordinator
Stronger Together