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Connect Converse Catch-up – Sean Morrison ‘01

We all have had that moment with our vehicle: our car needs its inspection sticker and it’s in pretty good shape; except, there is that big windshield crack! A blemish that we stopped even noticing as it just became one with the car. This was me last week; however, a former student – took care of me – with his typical good humour and amiability.

Sean Morrison ‘01 is the manager of Speedy Auto Glass in Coldbrook, NS. When he was a student, he was a pillar of the community, always helpful and reliable. My memory of Sean is of him always being at the side of maestro Jeff Smith with the technical, physical, and general support of the music program. Sean and his team replaced my windshield, and my wheels were approved for another year. We also had a moment to converse and catch up!

Sean Morrison
Sean’s impressive contribution to the safety of the Annapolis Valley is his stalwart 22-year career as a volunteer fire-fighter with the Kentville Department. The department responds to over 400 calls per year and Sean is a key member with extensive training. Sean and his wife Candace also have delightful 13-year-old twin girls, Ava and Lily.

Sean was involved in a support role during the devastating wildfires and floods last summer, he has found a way to help the community, as he so often did at King’s-Edgehill, with the firefighting organization’s ethos of honour, pride, and integrity. Volunteerism, a vital component of civil society that modern life sometimes forgets, is a key aspect of Sean’s life.

Kevin Lakes
Junior School Faculty

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