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Creativity in GRADE 11 IB SL Math

Creativity in GRADE 11 IB SL Math

As a fun and different approach to logarithms and their connections with exponents during distance learning, our class had an option of using their creative side as a final assessment.  I decided to get a little creative and wrote a song about the ten major concepts in the unit.  It is written to the tune of “Jack and Diane” by John Mellencamp, and I titled it “A little Ditty about Exponents and Logs”.  For Part 1 of the final assessment, students listened to the song and wrote about the ten key concepts expressed.  This was excellent insight into whether the students recognized and grasped each of the concepts.

Creativity in GRADE 11 IB SL Math
Since this was so much fun to create, I decided to give students a choice for Part 2 of their final assessment.  They could complete and submit a typical four-page IB style assignment, or they could put their creative hat on and write a poem, a song, or make a piece of art to represent the unit.  Several students took me up on this offer and I am delighted to share some of their work here!

Well done to Maya and Gabby for their song written to the tune of “Fast Cars” by Tracey Chapman.

And well done to Rain, who wrote this poem, and gathered some of her KES friends from a distance to recite lines of the poem, which she made into this video.
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