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Earth Day 2020

large_news1335777_1345471Wednesday, April 22nd, was the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and although separated by distance, our teachers, students, siblings and parents celebrated the day together. As we think about our international students scattered throughout the world, we are reminded that we are all a part of one big ecosystem. Our contributions to Earth Day this year were truly worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic has had unintended effects on our planet. Julia Field, Lucy Goddard, Hannah Stilwell and Sidney Schwartz started the day with an excellent Assembly video they created, focusing on the positive effects of living in isolation. The girls highlighted the dropping pollution levels and improved air quality through reduced travel emissions. The clear waters of the once-polluted canals of Venice and the re-emergence of the Himalaya Mountains were two examples of environmental optimism. Following Assembly, Junior School students had their first three classes and then had the opportunity to spend the rest zoom_news1335777_1345472of their day taking part in their own self-directed Earth Day activities. Siblings and parents were encouraged to get involved too.
The activities were terrific: artwork, indoor and outdoor gardening, litter clean-up, nature walks, reduced heating and lighting, drying clothes on the line, outdoor running, cycling and dancing, sidewalk Earth Day drawings and birdhouse creations. Mr. Kershaw used recycled wood and screws to build seven bird boxes that he, his son Bryn and wife Jen put up for tree swallows in a local wetland. Many forms of wildlife were spotted venturing into quieter than usual surroundings: painted turtles, nesting bald eagles, a multitude of birds, minnows, peepers, and bees. Our slower pace of living provided opportunities to take note of the signs of new life and hope for the future, just what we needed at this unprecedented time of separation. Thank you to Mr. Rochon and the members of our environmental team for organizing our KES Earth Day. Social media was alive with uploaded photos commemorating this historic Earth Day.   Thanks to everyone for a productive and successful Junior School event.
This isn't the only example of King's-Edgehill School students and families contributing positively to our wider community. There are many opportunities to have an impact at KES. Read more about our Student Volunteers here.
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