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Emerging leaders: Bristol Quinn and Charlie Boyle

In this edition of Emerging Leaders, we thought that the only thing better than profiling one of our Grade 9 leaders would be to sit down with two of them! While Bristol Quinn ‘27 and Charlie Boyle ’27 had different paths to King’s-Edgehill, they have both found their stride here and have provided constant, positive, and selfless leadership within our Junior School community. Bristol, who hails from Mount Uniacke, has been fully engaged in school life since she joined our school in Grade 7. She is an active volunteer, a promising athlete, and a dedicated student. Charlie, on the other hand, is a Haligonian who joined our School just this year. Like her friend Bristol, she is a very strong student who is also an accomplished equestrian rider and actress. Charlie has been featured in a number of professionally produced pieces and will also be starring in her first KES musical production when she takes the stage in our upcoming Annie Jr. While these two are unique in their backgrounds and interests, the common denominator for them both is the kindness and empathy they show for those around them.
What does being a leader mean to you?
CB: It means to take initiative and to have the courage to stand up in front of (and for) others.
BQ: To me, leadership means showing respect and being someone people can look up to that can help them solve their problems.
What are the qualities that an effective leader must possess?
CB: There are a lot, but I think courage, bravery, knowledge, and authority are all important.
BQ: So many different ones, but the ones that stand out to me are kindness, compassion, tolerance, respectfulness, and acceptance.
How would people describe your leadership style?
CB: That I have a fun and inclusive leadership style, and I am reliable when people need me.
BQ: They might say that I can take control of a situation while understanding other people's views.
What are your goals or areas you’d like to grow in terms of leadership?
CB: I would like to become more confident in speaking in front of large groups of people, as well as being more comfortable with others one-on-one.
BQ: I would like to become more patient, and more generous with my time, as well as giving my time to others.
What advice would you give someone who wanted to take on more of a leadership role at our school?
CB: I think that it’s important to take initiative in the volunteering program of our school because there are so many opportunities to do good. Also, I think not being afraid to, for example, get up on stage for assembly. Just put yourself out there!
BQ: Similar to what Charlie said, it’s about not being afraid to step up and try out new leadership activities. Everyone is here to support you.
Who do you look up to as a leader?
CB: I look up to my parents. They both have an amazing work ethic and that always strive for their best. This is one of my biggest goals, to always work as hard as I can. 
BQ: My mom because she always guides me through my problems and tough times and that is what I would love to do for others.

Rory Campbell
Junior School Faculty
2023 Scholarship