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Emerging Leaders – Destiny States '26

IMG_20221117_140008_343Join Mr. Rory Campbell in the latest edition of Emerging Leaders. This month, we're excited to be featuring Grade 9 student Destiny States.

For our latest Emerging Leader profile, we get to know Destiny States ‘26 who, although a newcomer to King’s-Edgehill, has taken the Junior School by storm. From “just a short five-minute walk away” she has “loved everything” about KES and has embraced so many of the opportunities available to her. Consistently one of the first to step forward when volunteers are needed, she has caught the attention of our entire community thanks to her initiative, kindness, and work ethic. In the classroom, Destiny is a thoughtful and articulate student whose insights regularly add depth to class discussions. As much as she has loved everything about KES, it’s safe to say that we too have loved everything Destiny has brought to our community.

What does leadership mean to you?
Growing up, I’ve received leadership awards, which is surprising because lots of people are doing great things and I don’t try to be anyone else but who I am. To me, leadership is about kindness and getting along with people and I love being around people.

What are qualities that you think are important for leaders to have?
The qualities I think of are selflessness, responsibility, and empathy. Empathy is one of the most important things. Without it you can’t really connect with people which needs to happen as a leader.

How would others describe your leadership?
I think people would say I’m talkative, kind, easy to talk to, outgoing, and someone who is willing to step-up. What’s funny though is that sometimes I can be the exact opposite. When I started here at KES, for example, I was super nervous, and I don’t think people got to really see the real me at first.

When people can’t show their true selves because of nervousness or other factors, how do you think they can overcome that?
I think talking to people and finding people you can connect to is important. For me my goal was to make or be someone’s friend. For me that person was (classmate) Royal Akinboro ‘26. Once I met her I started feeling more comfortable showing my real personality.

Who is someone you look up to as a leader?
My Mom (Natasha) is someone I really look up to. She’s taught me so much about life and how to handle situations and how to care about people. Surprisingly [said with a laugh] my older brother Elijah is also someone I look up to. He works hard and has been successful because of it. Seeing him accomplish things and seeing how proud it makes my mom motivates me to make my mom proud with my achievements.

What goals do you have for this year?
I’d like people to see me as someone they can trust and that I can be a friend. Also, even though it might sound funny, I want to leave my mark on the Junior School. I’d like to leave something behind after I go to the Senior School that people will remember me for.

What advice would you give to a new student coming to KES?
Actually, I had a great conversation with (new Grade 6 student) Ruari Ryan '29. I know she is new and wanted to see how things were going. My biggest message to her was that everyone here is very kind and encouraged her to just be herself and she will love it.
Thanks for taking the time to chat, Destiny!  

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