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Emerging Leaders: Nathaelle Etou '27

Every year our cohort of Grade 9 students are a vibrant mix of returning students and those new to our KES community. As the oldest in our Junior School, we regularly look to them for their leadership and are continually impressed by what we receive. In our Emerging Leaders series, we highlight individual Grade 9 students who are making an impact within our Junior School community and beyond. Nathaelle Etou ‘27 has great leadership skills that extend beyond our campus gates. She is a pillar of our Junior School volunteer program which serves our broader community of Windsor, and she represented KES with dignity and grace as part of our School’s contingent that traveled to the National Cenotaph in Ottawa for Remembrance Day last week.

This year's first Emerging Leader, Nathaelle, comes from a strong pedigree of student leaders at KES and has lived up to the standards set by her siblings before her. Coming to KES last year as a Grade 8 student, “Nath” had heard of the positive, formative experiences of her two brothers Brisnel Etou '20 and Righo Etou '21, and her older sister Jessica Etou '24. During her siblings' time at KES, her brothers Brisnel and Righo were both prefects, and Righo served as Head Boy. Nath’s older sister Jessica is a current prefect and was once the subject of an Emerging Leader piece herself. Nathaelle was born in Congo but considers Serris, France her home. During her time at KES, she has established herself as an empathetic leader, an industrious scholar, and a warm friend to all in our community.

What does leadership mean to you?
Leadership is being able to help others before ourselves. It’s about showing people support, especially in the hard moments they go through. It can be easy for people to go through good times, but leaders can help people get through the hard moments easier.

What are the qualities do you think a leader should possess?
Leaders need to be good communicators, they need to have strong teamwork skills, and they need to believe in altruism and put others before themselves.

How do you think others would describe your leadership style?
I think people would say I’m someone who never gives up. I face challenges but never give up and keep working. I think they would say I am kind, and I am someone they can trust without judgement. I also know that sometimes I need to put my social life aside to focus on my schoolwork, so people probably see that in me too.

Who is a leader you look up to?
My mom Rhodia is who I look up to the most as a leader. She is the hardest working person I know and cares about other people so much. She was a Doctor in Congo and when she came to Canada, she had to work really hard to learn the Canadian health system while taking care of our whole family.

As a returning student in our boarding community, what advice would you have for new boarders?
When I came to KES, I think my English was a 4/10, I didn’t always understand everything that people said, but I learned through my mistakes. I would tell new boarders and all students that making mistakes is not wrong. I think mistakes can be your best friend because you can learn from them with the support of your friends, teachers, and houseparents.

What are your goals for this year?
My goal is to be proud of myself! I want to know that no matter what I am doing or what I’m involved in I have given my best effort. I strive to do well in everything that I do. As long as I know that I tried and did my best then I will be proud of myself.

Rory Campbell
Junior School Faculty
Basketball & Rugby Coach
2023 Scholarship