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Evey Dances Any Concerns Away

Evey Dances Any Concerns Away

In today’s world, we're all looking for as much happiness as we can find, and inevitably, Art is one of the most sought-after forms of entertainment that enable us to capture some of those feel-good moments. Last week I was very happy to discover that a new Grade 10 student, Evey Kennedy, from Hammonds Plains, NS, is an avid dancer. I asked her if she had a video clip of one of her most recent routines and if she would share it with me. She grinned and said, “I’ll see”. Early this week, Evey arrived at my class and gave me this video of her dancing a competition routine to the Banners song, Got It In You. As I started to watch it, I immediately had to smile: as the video begins, amidst some wind noise, Evey enters the frame in an otherwise empty field with a forested treeline swaying in the background. Instantly, Evey’s intensity and talent burst into action; every movement and gesture of this art form ‘screamed’ her passion and conviction. It’s obvious she loves to dance – you’ll see. It is no surprise that Evey has also won a spot on our KES Competitive Dance Team as well. Congratulations, Evey!


Evey also tells us:   
Ever since I was little, I could never stop dancing or get a song out of my head. I was always singing something. Shortly after my parents realized this and they decided to put me into Irish dancing. After a few years of that I decided I wanted to try something groovier. I started hip hop at Melissa Connick School of Dance and before I knew it, I was in almost every style of dance. I became a competitive dancer at the age of 8, and this is where I found my love of dance. I'm going into my 7th year of competitive dance, and I find the most joy in expressing my emotions by telling a story on stage through contemporary.

Click here to watch her amazing performance. 

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