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Fight for Perfection

Two weeks ago, we had our first boxing practice in 2021. This was a great start to this year.

People sweating and hitting heavy bags, skipping, shadow boxing, and working on the speed bag.

Wayne Gordon is a great coach.  When he gives any specific advice about our technique he will always explains why. Last practice he said to me, “You don’t need it to look fancy and technical, you need to fight”.  He then gave me an explanation of his point deeply. For me, with my years of boxing experience in the Ukraine, it’s really interesting how boxing is being taught in different parts of the world. A lot of things that our coach says to us are new for me.

Fight for Perfection 1
People on the team picked up everything that was being taught very quickly. We have only had a few practices, but you already can see a major improvement in everyone’s technique. Practices require a lot of hard work, mindfulness, and cardio. It was a pleasure for me to learn and help other people in boxing.  Most of us only start to explore boxing and there is plenty of stuff to learn.  One of such things is defence, but there are many more things to master. 
Fight for Perfection
I can't wait until everyone is good enough to begin controlled and safe sparring. For now, I want to thank those strong and driven people who make up such a good and pleasant team: Kyle Clanachan, Quinn Emery, Ayumu Goto, Callum Lovelace, Sofia MacSweeney, Aden O’Callaghan, Gregory Otto, Kazimir Schnitzer, Nicolás Sánchez Benet, and Mr. Joseph Seagram, Headmaster.

I also want to thank our Headmaster for providing this great opportunity for us.
Stanislav Matkovskyi
Grade 11 Student from the Ukraine
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