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Grade 8 and 9 Photography Assignment - Letters from Objects

Grade 8 and 9 Photography Assignment - Letters from Objects

During our first week back this month, I assigned a photography project to my students who were at home and to the boarding students who were able to attend class. I chose this photography project since I knew that all our students had phone cameras, and they wouldn't have to worry about materials.
The students were given the following instructions:

  • You must look for objects and shapes that resemble letters in your first name. These may be in colour or black and white.
  • You cannot stage your photos or retouch your findings. You must capture the “letters” as-is. When finished, place the photos to create your first name. This can be done in Word or Power Point.



When my students returned to class, we printed the results on photography paper and then matted the photos on black foam board.

I hope you enjoy the amazing results.
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