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Grade 7 Students Take Over Brier Island

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On Monday, October 18, students from both 7H and 7C classes embarked on a three-day eco-action adventure to Brier Island with Mr. LePoidevin, Mr. Kershaw, Mr. Baumann, and Ms. Cummings. As part of their social studies and science curricula, students spent three days exploring the isolated island community and hiking on many trails, almost reaching the shoreline around the entire island's circumference. 

Students got the opportunity to see some magnificent rock formations on both Long Island and Brier Island. Our first evening featured a wonderful bonfire on the northern edge of the island, including group sing-a-longs and marshmallows. In between long hikes, the Grade 7s explored the small community of Westport, completing a photo scavenger hunt and meeting some very kind locals.

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Mr. Baumann introduced us all to an powerful music recording application that students used to create soundscapes of the island, performing them later at a mini music festival at the Brier Island Lodge. Following the music was the screening of two documentaries focused on climate activism and some very meaningful discussions.

The excursion culminated with a wonderful final hike through town and over to a far point of the island, where students took time to reflect alone in a comfortable space along the rocks. Some students huddled into the warmth of the shoreline vegetation while others chose to be closer to the water. They spent 15 minutes in total quiet, reflecting on a wonderful and meaningful journey.


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