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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 27

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Dear KES Family:

It seems to me that for some time now we have all been carrying an emotional load. From time to time a situation arises in which we are reminded how much the events of the world affect our hearts. This week a former student from Ukraine wrote to me about the possibility of her brother(s) attending KES. Initially, she wrote to me about her experience at KES, saying:

“…really grateful for the care and the memories. I would like my brother to find harmony in KES after all the traumas from the war events. I feel like it would be the best for him. If you reward him with a scholarship he will not have the awful refugee feeling of being exiled from his motherland.” 

Her youngest brother is going into Grade 6. The brother she is referring to (Grade 9) I have met by Zoom. The two boys are very close. She introduced me to her youngest brother by sending a video of him. She had made the film two years ago in Ukraine. She would have been 15 at the time. My eyes teared up long before I got to the end. The remainder of what I am writing today will make more sense once you have viewed the video and watched through to the credits. It is not long.

This short film honours the memory of those who have suffered. It does so beautifully and powerfully. It also begs deep questions about life and human nature. All nations have their moments of anguish. We all share in the horrors of the past and been wounded by our own histories. And yet, atrocities and violence fill the news every day.

Is this young generation not worthy of more from us today?

Surely KES and the KES family can do its part to help those in need, to keep teaching, and inspire students from Canada and around the world with the value of human kindness and the preciousness of life itself. 


Joe Seagram