Inside King's-Edgehill School

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 28


Dear KES Family:

It is a glorious privilege to be able to travel during a pandemic. Doing so with school teams is an absolute joy. That twice in the last month I have been able to travel with both boys and girls together has revealed just how wonderful, and important, it is to be together. Healthy relationships, spontaneous fun, common goals, mutual support…and laughter (!), have defined these trips.

I also love having Dylan along. The world can be intimidating, and all too often seems full of posers. Dylan keeps us humble. Highland cattle are approachable and social. Despite being immensely strong and hardy, with their shaggy coats and shock of hair tumbling down their foreheads (called a dossan) one really cannot take them too seriously. Highland cows make people smile. So do our students.

The uniting cheer of “3-2-1 Highlanders!” is magical to hear. Gone are the separate cheers of boys and girls at the School. Dylan brings us together. He gives us identity.

I am in Florida now for a rugby sevens tournament. The games start tomorrow but already the boys and girls are having a wonderful time. We have had training sessions on the tournament grounds, participated in a USA identification combine, and broken down professional rugby games on video. It is already fun.

Dylan came on expedition to the Grand Canyon and Death Valley this March and is here in Tampa as well. Once again, he is having the time of his life. During these bubbles of time, somehow the realities of the pandemic don’t exist, making them just that much healthier for all.


Joe Seagram