Inside King's-Edgehill School

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 30


Dear KES Family:

This week there have been multiple times when our School has shown its heart. Whether it was embracing players from Lockview High School and Charles P. Allen High School following the rugby games on Sunday, cheering enthusiastically for every performer and award winner at the Arts Gala, jumping into the youth-in-action day with imaginative alternatives to the school backpack (from pizza boxes to baby strollers!), it was wonderful to see such positive energy on display. 

Wednesday was a fairly miserable day for weather, but the entire School was assembled on the Tanna Turf in preparation for the upcoming Annual Cadet Review. As I walked around each platoon, I was pleasantly surprised by how upbeat everyone was. As our Regimental Sergeant Major, Maya Faucher ‘22 called out the commands, every Highlander in the 254 followed her lead. It was magical to see.  What is also remarkable is that while the beat of the march may be made by the deep notes of Anthonie Schep’s ‘22 bass drum, the colour party and the whole corps follow the rhythm of Giacomo Pogliani’s ‘27 marching snare drum.

I love the fact that the entire corps, the entire School, marches to the drum of a boy in Grade 7. It is a compliment to each student and a strong example that leadership at KES comes in many forms and is not the sole responsibility of the senior students. It demonstrates that there are times when knowing how to follow is a form of leadership. I mentioned this quietly to a couple of older students and their response was delightfully unexpected: “We all love Giacomo.”

I like to think that at KES there are opportunities for everyone to shine and feel loved. Whether it is dancing on stage or managing backstage, playing a role in a play (like Clue: On Stage) or playing a game like rugby, I hope that everyone has moments when they feel the School’s heart.


Joe Seagram

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