Inside King's-Edgehill School

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 33


Dear KES Family:

I have an image in my mind from last Friday night of the sun setting over the shoulders of our assembled cadets, a gentle breeze flowing through their ranks, and a chorus of spring peeper frogs echoing up from Turtle Pond. As the Annual Cadet Review came to its conclusion, I was filled with a glorious sense of peace and pride. The first ceremony of its kind since 2019 was performed superbly. The students honoured this campus tradition in fine form.

Those feelings, that internal warm glow, lasted all week. In fact, as the week progressed they were buoyed time and time again. Seeing the Grade 9 students pitch their tents and camp on campus overnight was a sight to behold. Who knew that Nutella was so good on campfire baked Bannock? (Now there is a cross-cultural recipe!) Having an all-school assembly always lifts my heart, and this Wednesday’s gathering was filled with awards and recognition, great stories, and fabulous videos made by the candidates for next year’s Head Boy and Head Girl.

Sports continue un-interrupted and both rugby teams won the regional banner, the girls defeating Avon View and the boys winning against Horton. Adding to the joy was this year’s Spring Fling music festival.  In its own way it was a parade of talent, one that had us all clapping in time or cheering in appreciation. The adult world has more than its fair share of challenges and disappointments that occupy all our minds, but I must say that I am thrilled for the students. They are having the year they deserve. It is the most wonderful feeling when at the end of the day my heart is happy for them.

But wait: There is more! Starting next week, masks are optional in schools in Nova Scotia. Hooray!  We will be able to see each other’s faces. We will continue to test students and staff weekly, but there will be no masking requirement on buses or at School. As much as all the blossoms and blooms and fresh green leaves signal the rejuvenation of life after the barrenness of winter, removing masks signals the end of an era and a new beginning.


Joe Seagram