Inside King's-Edgehill School

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 35


Dear KES Family:

I love the magical transformation into adulthood that our students make. One moment they are regular teenagers and then a situation presents itself and poof!, they are all grown up.

Such a moment happened yesterday at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration on campus. It revealed itself when Megan Mattie ‘22, in her full Highland kit, an Honour Guard of her fellow grads behind her, addressed His Honour, the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, with confidence and poise. Claymore in hand, her kilt swaying gently in the breeze in front of Convocation Hall, her eyes sparkling, Megan invited His Honour to inspect the Honour Guard. She did so naturally and with genuine warmth, as if it was something she has done all her life.

Standing beside me was Her Honour, Mrs. Patsy LeBlanc. Whether it was because of Mitchell Larkin’s ‘22 impeccable O Canada on the oboe, or Sean Hurley’s ‘23 brilliant bagpiping, Megan Mattie’s command presence, or the impressive quality of the grads in the Honour Guard, Her Honour was simply beaming. I could sense her excitement because I was feeling the same way. It was her first time on campus, and it was as if, while walking on the beach, she had stumbled across a chest full of treasure: something unexpected but of immense value. We were both experiencing that glorious joy one feels when the community ideals of dignity and respect are in action. When these ideals are embodied in youth they cannot help but warm the heart.

I suspect I will feel the same way next Friday night when I see the Class of 2022 all dressed up in their prom formal wear. The gowns and suits are always breathtaking, and everyone looks healthy and happy and stunning…and all grown up!

I can hardly wait.


Joe Seagram