Inside King's-Edgehill School

Highlanders hit the right notes at Halifax Kiwanis Music Festival

Congratulations to Lucy Goddard ‘23, Hannah Stilwell ‘23, and Emma Toope ‘24 on their amazing performances in the Halifax Kiwanis Music Festival this past week!


These young women participated in multiple classes, receiving adjudication feedback, and competing for top marks and bursaries. It must be said that they all demonstrated impressive musicianship, technique, and versatility, and delivered very moving performances. Last Saturday, all three girls performed in the musical theatre solo class for their age group, Lucy placing 1st and Emma placing 3rd out of 12. They performed again on Sunday in the musical theatre duet class, where Emma and her duet partner placed 1st. Sunday was grueling for Hannah and Emma who stayed for the provincial musical theatre class and performed two solo pieces each alongside 16 other vocalists! Hannah and Emma continued to shine in the other voice classes on Tuesday; Emma competed in the jazz, opera and folk classes, taking 2nd place in opera and 3rd place in jazz. Hannah competed in the opera and German lieder classes, placing 1st and 2nd respectively. 


All three of these students have been working incredibly hard this year with their voice teachers and preparing fantastic pieces that suit each of their individual voices - as one of said voice teachers, I can attest to their immense efforts! They have put in so much practice time and dedication to their art, and we are so proud to have such talented singers in our midst. I will miss working with Lucy and Hannah after graduation this year, but I am certain they will continue pursuing their musical passions. Hannah has been offered a sizeable scholarship to Mount Allison’s music program for voice, and Lucy has already expressed intent to find ways to continue performing, though she will be completing a degree in biochemistry. Emma has another year at KES, and I'm sure we will see more excellent performances from her during that time! We look forward to seeing all three of these young women continue to develop their musical talents in their remaining time at KES, as well as in their endeavours beyond its doors. 

Stephanie Fillman
Voice Teacher
Interim Music Teacher - Junior School
ELL Support Teacher