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KES Junior School Highland Games

Junior School Highland Games

Our Annual Junior School Highland Games was a huge success this past Friday, October 2nd.  Teachers donned their woollen kilts and students gathered at the top of Front Hill for the Opening Ceremonies. Students were placed in combined advisor groups representing the historic houses of Haliburton, Howe, Tupper and Judd as they headed into competition.  Everyone followed the sound of Mr. LePoidevin’s bagpipes down to Menzies “Glen”.  Ali MacLean performed a Scottish dance to the tune of the pipesThe Tug-of-War competition marked the start of the Games with much cheering, enthusiasm and teamwork.  The staff team vows to do more training before next year’s event!  In true highland tradition, our students learned about the Scottish Caber Toss and tried their hands (and quad muscles) at this heavy lifting event.  A six-foot-long log, the caber, was hoisted by competitors and launched forward from a squat position.  The goal was to toss the caber the furthest from the starting line. There were some impressive throws and good distances achieved by both boys and girls.  Races combining speed and Pictionary skills, and rugby throwing events followed, with the Annual Egg Toss closing out the day’s events.  Though many students ended up with egg on their shirts, congratulations are extended to Hunter Hood, who demonstrated the baseball art of “soft hands”, handily winning the 2020 competition.  Special thanks are extended to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Lakes for organizing the 2020 House Highland Games.  We can’t wait for our next House Competition which is rumoured to have a Harry Potter theme.  Stay tuned.

Organizer Kevin Lakes writes, “The Junior Highland Games made a seamless transition to COVID protocols this year. What a great time we had to close the week.  The Scottish descendants Mr. Campbells and Mr. Kershaw were out with full contagious enthusiasm as the Junior School students embraced Caber Toss, Drop Kick Rugby, Tug of War, Auch Eye Screaming, Pictionary Sprint and the famous closing Egg Toss!  This year’s soft-handed winner of the coveted Egg Toss was Hunter Hood.  Way to go Hunter! The opening activities were enjoyed by all, to the point we are all excited for our next activity, Wizards and Wands, which is always enjoyed by Harry Potter fans.”
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