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KES Relay for Life

Tlarge_news1332514_1343464his year, our School had decided to hold a Relay for Life event in an effort to raise funds for Cancer research as well as showing support for the many individuals in our community who have been touched by Cancer. Our committee of 13 students has been hard at work training and planning, and was excited to announce May 30th as our event day; however, the global fight against COVID-19 has meant that we had to return to the drawing board and re-envision this event.
Relay for Life is a non-competitive Relay in which teams of approximately 10 participants walk, run, or stroll around a track to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society to support research and support for people living with cancer. Relay for Life brings together students, teachers, family members and friends to celebrate cancer survivors with a survivors’ victory lap and to honour the memory of loved ones with a special luminary ceremony. 
This year our Relay was set to take place on May 30th and run for 12 hours from 11:00am – 11:00pm. This mission is still important to us and so we are moving the event online and are excited to be hosting 6 weeks large_news1332514_1343465-1of fundraising initiatives, challenges and sharing of stories through our digital communities in Facebook and Instagram. Please click here to watch our video.
Students can register at any time to participate in the fundraising initiative. Registration is straightforward after clicking this link.
When you register, click the pay on race day option for the $20 fee as this will allow you to use the online fundraising tools and create a profile without having to pay upfront. Once registered you can begin fundraising! Each week we will be updating the funds thermometer online with all our fundraising success including a shout out to our top fundraisers/donors! 
Our goal for this event is to raise $10,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. Here are a few ways you can help us reach that goal:
  • Register for the event and begin fundraising. 
  • Donate to a student.
  • Share the event with your friends and family. 
Another way we could use your help is reaching out to the community. This event is all about celebrating the people who have battled Cancer. It is so meaningful to read about the stories of the survivors who are living examples that the hard work and the suffering of millions is paying off. If you know someone who would like to be celebrated on this day, please send their contact information. It is a truly special event that brings hope to those still fighting and those who have lost friends and family to cancer, to see that cancer CAN be beaten, we CAN win if we support each other and keep hope. If there are survivors who would like to participate, please don’t hesitate to come forward. The more people we have participating, the more love we’ll have to share. Nobody should have to fight cancer alone.
This isn't the only example of King's-Edgehill School students contributing positively to our wider community. There are many opportunities to have an impact at KES. 
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