Inside King's-Edgehill School

Learning about Sustainable Living

The Grade 9 Geography Class took advantage of a beautiful Annapolis Valley morning this week to explore and learn about sustainable living by visiting Mr. Lakes’ rural property. The group began the visit by walking on the ridge’s woodlot, identifying species and discussing forest management with a focus on using wood as a heating source while edifying the lot’s health with selective cutting.  



Then the class had a lesson on beekeeping and the vital role bees play in the ecosystem. Expert apiarist Mr. Perry Brandt shared his passion for the process with the class and fielded many thoughtful questions. The next lesson was on domestic power generation, specifically the viability of photovoltaic solar panels to provide the energy need of a family.



Finally, the group had some time with the resident horse Baron, who enjoyed hand-delivered treats. All the students were curious and engaged as we enjoyed each others company and exposure to the natural world, which is always worthwhile.

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