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No Senior Musical Production; Okay, Let's Find A Work-Around - Revue Scene #1

No Senior Musical Production; Okay, Let's Find A Work-Around - Revue Scene #1

If you looked at last week's KES Newsletter, you would have perhaps seen a computerized video compilation of singers, dancers, and thespians, all singing together in digital squares. This approach to keeping the performing arts alive during COVID times has become very popular on the internet. Nevertheless, performers want to "perform" and there is no substitution for the "real thing." So, we set out to do the best we could to enable a show to happen in real time while staying within the strict guidelines and limitations set by our Department of Health. To do so meant that appropriate social distancing was followed closely, and every precaution taken to keep our students safe from pandemic concerns.

Now, please keep in mind, the KES community is considered a 'bubble' relative to COVID issues; however, this small fact did not allow us to work face-to-face with each other. In addition, the fact that we aren't allowed to perform for a paying public has stunted our resources. So, we decided that a Musical Revue would be our alternative. In this and upcoming weeks, we will be sharing 12 scenes from our Revue of various songs and dances. In succession, they will unfold a timeline of positive and difficult experiences that could be mirrored in the challenges of the pandemic with focus on wellness, relationships, and better days ahead. We did three school-only performances for our KES family, enabling masked and well-distanced audiences of the elective Seniors, the Junior School, and interested boarding student; so, don't be alarmed by the sparse applause.

After a brief introduction by Taylor Cole (Grade 11), this piece kicks off our Revue featuring singer Hannah Koppernaes (Grade 11) and tap dancers, Grade 10 students Lucy Goddard and Allie Pape performing Good Morning from the Broadway musical "Singing In The Rain." I hope that it will inspire you all to begin each and every day with a smile and a spirited gait.

Enjoy the show!
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