Inside King's-Edgehill School

Riders Tack Up

This term, I had the pleasure of working with Ms Stephanie Fillman as co-chaperone of the King’s-Edgehill School Equestrian programme.  Two days per week we would go to Fox Hollow Stables with our young charges and observe as the owner operator, Ms Jill Redden, put them through their paces.  Ms Redden was ably assisted by one of our favorite Alumni, Ms Sabrina Corradini (2014-17), an accomplished rider and a former Warrant Officer in the 254.  These young ladies are in their element in the saddle.  It is truly enjoyable to watch them as they season their skills. 


On Thursday past, our girls enjoyed a special treat. Ms Redden invited Mrs Mary Henry, former Equestrian Instructor at Edgehill School for Girls to visit the stables and give the girls a detailed class on the care and cleaning of tack. Tack for the uninitiated like me refers to the leatherwork of the bridle and saddle. Mrs Henry is legendary in the circles of equestrian, having instructed many students of King’s-Edgehill including current student, Lola Wamback. Her take-charge attitude and her fine sense of humour made the afternoon thoroughly enjoyable. 


The combination of detailed instruction and numerous stories of life at Edgehill captured the attention of the young riders.  Mrs Henry was thrilled to pass on her wealth of knowledge and experience to our budding young riders. This was a great way to round off the term and reinforce what the Edgehill part of our School stands for.  On behalf of Stephanie and I, many thanks to Jill and Sabrina.

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