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KES Senior Boys Soccer vs Horton JV

Senior Boys Soccer vs Horton JV

Although practice has been vigorous and engaging throughout September, some competition is really what our guys needed.  Horton JV Senior Boys were gracious enough to come to campus for a friendly match on October 5th where all our male players could participate.  Coaches Spengler and Dietrich organized the entire crew (almost enough for two teams) and the boys gave it their best.

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Obviously, there were some highs and lows.  We need to pressure the ball more, stick to doing one job at a time, switch the field with more regularity, and stop running away from the ball carrier in order to give our teammates more passing options.  On a more positive note, Rigo and Thane had great headers on goal, Alvaro ripped a beauty shot, Diego and Mario ran a few pretty 1-2’s, Mario and Hok Yun had a couple of breakaways, and Chris was a calming influence with the ball throughout the match.  Xavier had the best moment as he cracked a shot into the upper 90 (top right of the goal) from just under 30 yards to open the scoring.  Eventually Horton knotted the affair at one which is what ended the scoring.

All-in-all, the coaches (Dietrich, Forsyth, Spengler and Oulton) were pleasantly surprised with our first game, and we look forward to our matches to come.
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