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Not Your Average Extracurricular: KES Student Connects Youth with Outstanding Enrichment Opportunities

At a recent Wednesday morning assembly, Grade 10 student Ray-Ray Gingras '26 shared a project that he has been working on, focused on connecting students with enrichment opportunities that enhance their academic, creative, and professional potential. Ray-Ray joined the KES community part way through the 2023-24 school year and has made a powerful impact through his leadership and passion, and we are so excited to support him in his current pursuit with the project detailed below. Take a moment to read about the ambitions of this upcoming leader!

The Collection: Youth Enrichment Opportunities

Many ambitious high school students want to maximize their learning experience. Those keen students often spend hours searching across the internet to find unique, enriching, and available opportunities. The problem is that this is a long and challenging process that makes discovering these opportunities sometimes more difficult than participating in them. Ray-Ray created a website to combat this very issue. The website is called The Collection: Youth Enrichment Opportunities (Y.E.O.).


The Collection is a database for youth enrichment opportunities around the world that Canadian high school students can partake in. That way students can have a one-stop shop to sift through opportunities across many fields of enrichment such as leadership, STEM, English, languages and exchanges, debate and law, environmental, and the arts.

What makes this resource different is that on The Collection only unique opportunities and experiences are showcased. This means the website is not home to your typical extracurriculars but specialized camps, forums, programs, competitions, committees, and other experiences. All of these opportunities showcased are submitted to the website from youth alumni who have done the experience before. The alumni also submit a testimonial so that users can get a sneak peek into the personal experiences of youth before them. The Collection is also Canadian proud, meaning that every opportunity showcased is accessible for a Canadian high school student. 

Currently, there are 20 opportunities showcased under the categories mentioned above. Be sure to visit the Y.E.O. website to explore these opportunities and learn more! Right now, the opportunities include law camps, debate camps, youth forums, a climate challenge, and advisory committees.


The Collection is always growing! If you, or a high school student you know has participated in an enrichment opportunity you think is unique, please ask them to submit their testimonial through the Opportunity Form here.

Ray-Ray is hoping to make this resource available to every high school student across Canada so they can utilize and support one another by sharing their experiences.

In just a few short months at King's-Edgehill School, Ray-Ray has flourished and found a supportive community to which he attributes part of his success. Ray-Ray states, “I would like to thank the KES community for supporting me with building this project. I greatly appreciate the guidance, questions, and contributions from the school community. I hope to continue to work with staff, students, parents, and alumni to build up this resource!”

If you have any questions, comments, or guidance please reach out to Ray-Ray! He would love to call and chat!

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Ray-Ray Gingras '26 

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