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What to expect your first week at King’s-Edgehill School 2022


Tuesday, September 6 marks the first day of the 2022-23 academic year, and we are excited to welcome everyone back for another year of learning, traveling, athletics, arts, and more! To help orient students and families as to what to expect at the start of the new School year, here is an outline of our first few days: 

Monday, September 5 (Move-In Day)  

8:00 am - 1:00 pm – New boarding students arrive

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm – Returning boarding students arrive

Fountain Performing Arts Centre
11:00 am/12:15 pm – New parent orientation sessions (day and boarding families) 

Tanna Athletic Facilities
1:00 - 3:00 pm – New boarding student orientation 

Alexandra Hall
1:00-3:00 pm – Headmaster’s Parent Reception* – hosted by Joe and Belinda Seagram

Fountain Performing Arts Centre
7:00 pm – Headmaster/Assistant Head of School Life Welcome Address

7:30 pm – House Meetings for all boarding students (new and returning)

* The Headmaster’s Parent Reception is a great opportunity for parents to meet with KES faculty and other parents and to connect names with faces. Come meet our KES family.


Tuesday, September 6

8:00 am – Opening Day Assembly** for all students in the Fountain Performing Arts Centre

Full day of classes, including sports (junior students will have House games in the afternoon and senior students will begin sports on Tuesday).

** Every year we kick off the academic year with an opening assembly for all our students and faculty. Students will learn about this year’s clubs, teams, trips and opportunities to get involved and showcase their talents. KES students can expect regular School assemblies throughout the academic year as a way to celebrate successes and to learn from one another. 

*** We have a KES Clubs Fair at lunch on Monday, September 12 (in the Quad). Students can learn about the various committees, clubs, and travel opportunities available this year, ask questions, and sign up to take part.


The School year officially kicks off on Day One. Following the Opening Day Assembly and advisor meetings, students start Day One, but each class is shortened to allow students to get through all their classes in the first day. Typically, there is enough time to meet their teachers, classmates, get a syllabus and learn about the plans for that year. The second School day is similar to Ground Hog Day as it is Day One all over again, but this time without an assembly and classes are regular length. If you don’t get it down on the first Day One, you can do it all over again on the second version of Day One.

At King’s-Edgehill School we pride ourselves on keeping students and their families informed and updated about all School news and events. To stay informed and up to date on current events, bookmark the link to the KES School calendar

Another way we keep parents informed throughout the academic year is through the Parent/Student Portal. My KES is a student and parent portal that was designed to keep parents and students up to date on theatrical performances, sporting events, and more. It’s the only learning management system designed specifically for private schools. My KES makes it easy to connect, communicate and share information with faculty, students, parents, and the entire School community. As a parent, you can see all of the academic (report cards, attendance, class assignments, etc) and co-curricular information related to your child. Students and parents also have access to Learning Profiles which are plans developed to help our students succeed. Parents also have access to team sport pages, schedules, scoreboards, and more – My KES is a parent’s complete information database. To access the information, log into your My KES account, and go to the resources section.

At KES, we want to make sure our parents and students are informed and feel welcomed into the KES family. The student’s academic advisor is an important part of this process. Students meet with their advisors on the first day of School to review their class schedule and answer any questions and concerns. The academic advisor’s role is to help students navigate day-to-day life at KES and will remain their advisor until they finish Junior School, at which point a Senior School advisor will guide them through their senior years. 

The start of another School year brings with it a fresh slate ready to be filled with new adventures, friends and memories! We look forward to the new School year and seeing new and familiar faces on the first day.

For more information on becoming a student at King’s-Edgehill School, download our photojournal, A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student. 

A Day in the life of a Boarding Student