Inside King's-Edgehill School

“YOU” Should Be at the Top of Your List!

large_news1330315_1342477With our KES Distance Learning Programme gaining momentum, our free time outside has never been more important. As many are adapting to new working and learning environments, as well as increased screen time and staying closer to home, a routine that keeps our own health and wellness as the top priority is crucial.
Grade 7 Wellness students are fortunate to have a fitness piece built into most academic days at KES. Thanks to some amazing April temperatures, most students are heading outside for daily exercise during class time. Last weekend students were challenged to do something for their own physical and/or mental health and report back. It was uplifting to hear the variety of activities students enjoyed.
Many went out for jogs and walks with family, or had fun playing their favourite sports (basketball, soccer and rugby were the most popular). Interactive videogames were also a crowd favourite, which the students tell me can actually be very physically demanding (…okay, I might have worked up a sweat myself by playing some “Wii-Just Dance” over the past few weeks)! There were also several students who did a bit of cooking or made a meal for their family. Cooking a meal can be an excellent therapeutic tool!

Regardless of our age, we all need to make sure to take time each day for a mental break and a physical recharge. Protect this special time of the day and use it for things that fuel you!
What do KES boarding students do on the weekends and evenings? Download the KES PhotoJournal, A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student, to find out.
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