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Break Time! Here's Why

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Mar 10, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Break. Preface it with summer, spring, winter, Christmas, holiday, or any other word, and students and parents alike go crazy. We see breaksorig_photo430751_5619762.jpg as a rewarding, necessary, and refreshing part of our curriculum. In turn, our students work harder in the classroom and as a reward get to play harder during breaks and spend more time with their families. Here are some of the reasons breaks are important and why we have them.

Regular Breaks are a Reward for Hard Work

Take a look at the King's-Edgehill School 2018-19 events and holidays calendar. What do you notice? It's action-packed, full to the brim, and also has a number of built-in breaks throughout the school year (8 breaks to be precise). Additionally, most of the breaks (aside from Christmas Break and March) are short in duration lasting only 3-5 days. This is one way we optimize the time our students spend in the classroom.

Class Sizes Make the Difference

For those of you who grew up in traditional school settings or perhaps attended large lecture-based classes during college, you know the challenges with larger classes. We provide our students with a different approach, creating classes of 10-15 students only. Obviously, the teacher-student interactions are augmented; however, the motivation for each student to pick up his or her own work load and the limited distractions from large classes keep efficiency and productivity at a premium.

Over-Break Programming Gives Students Enrichment Opportunities

While many students do leave the campus for extended holiday breaks to be with friends and family, sometimes it simply isn't possible or desirable for students to leave during shorter breaks. Instead of encouraging inactivity and downtime during those shorter breaks, we offer enrichment programming for those students who do not return home. These enrichment travel opportunities give our students a chance to learn about themselves while seeing other parts of the continent and bond with fellow students. Learn more about these programming opportunities in this blog post.

At King's-Edgehill School, we value and reward the work our students do in the classroom. Whether it's a long holiday break to see family and friends or an opportunity to enrich their lives during shorter breaks, we see value in presenting opportunities for our students to grow, learn, and discover more together.  

Our students are travelling far and wide this break. Many are heading home and others are travelling through Europe on a school trip and we also have a group under taking An Experience of a Lifetime as they embark on a
Leadership Expedition to Tanzania - An Experience of a Lifetime!

You can read more about our unique travel opportunities in our PhotoJournal, Oh, the Places You Will Go!

Oh the Places You Will Go

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