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KES and the power of mentorship

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 19, 2016 12:56:00 PM

mentorship.jpgThere is power in relationships with those we look up to, which is why KES believes in the power of mentorship in the development of our students. Mentorship is often associated with post-secondary studies, but at KES it is something we take very seriously from the first time a student walks through our doors.

Schools often spend a lot of time talking about the curriculum and focusing on the books children read and the courses they take, but what about the people they are learning from? Mentorship takes place both in and out of the classroom and we believe that exposing our students to a variety of mentors can make a big difference in their academic success.

It is for this reason that every student is assigned an academic advisor when they start at King’s-Edgehill School. That same advisor stays with them until they finish junior school, at which point they are assigned a senior school advisor.

mentors.jpgOur academic advisors take on an active role; helping students achieve the goals they set themselves. Students meet with their advisors on a regular basis to ensure they are adequately managing their workload, time management, and are organized in their studies.

Boarding students are also supported by their house parents, each of whom give them direction, ensure students feel safe and comfortable, and ensure their boarding experience at King’s-Edgehill is second only to home.

In addition to assigned mentors, many King’s-Edgehill students find guidance in the coaches of the sports they play. At KES, every student plays sports and our coaches are involved in every student’s development.

At KES, the relationship between mentor and student is built on trust, reliability and always knowing someone has your back. We understand children learn best when they are taught by adults who inspire them with knowledge, kindness and generosity. The staff and faculty at KES share a passion to see our students do well – academically and personally. It is our goal to give them direction, purpose and to ensure they are reaching their fullest potential.

As quoted in this article on mentorship, the French historian, Rene Girard, believed that we learn because we want to be like those from whom we learn. At KES, we couldn’t agree more.

If you are interested in learning more about how mentorship helps KES students succeed, book a campus tour or contact us to find out more.

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