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Spontaneous Sounds

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 10, 2021 8:38:00 AM

I am suspicious of seeing cell phones in my classroom, but I don't always see them when they're being used because kids are crafty. In this case, recently I received an email from   Hannah Koopernaes (Grade 11)  with an audio attachment. After her IB music class finished uploading the required material for their course assessment, the group turned to having some fun learning a couple of tunes for what was then expected to be a 'live' Arts Gala, as  the "house band". In doing so, we began working on a few different songs, one of which features the oboe. Okay... we have one of those in our collection, played by Mitchell Larkin (Grade 11). So, as the group attempted to play the piece, during the second run-through of the song, Hannah had the idea to record it on her cell phone so that she could have it to practice with after class. She sent it to me a couple of weeks ago when schools went into lockdown, just out of interest’s sake. This recording is raw, but delightfully transparent in exposing a natural occurrence in the process of learning a tune as a group. This will hopefully give you insight into exactly why I love my job. But nevertheless, I will remain suspicious of the cell phone in times ahead! 
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Connect, Converse, Catch-Up – Trisha Neville

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 9, 2021 8:38:00 AM

Mr. Lakes  shares his weekly conversation with former KES student,   Trisha Neville (Class of 1999).

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Congratulations to the Grade 9 Class of 2021!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 8, 2021 8:37:49 AM

On Wednesday, June 2 nd, we honoured our graduating Grade 9 Class of 2021.  While the COVID-19 pandemic prevented our 34 Grade 9 students and their parents from gathering on campus to celebrate with our customary Graduation Banquet, technology allowed us to gather virtually and to connect, contribute and celebrate meaningfully together.   A keepsake YouTube video was launched at 7:00 pm (KES time) and students from as far away as 12,000 kilometres watched in real time and joined in the group Zoom reception that followed. 
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It can be very tricky!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 7, 2021 8:37:00 PM

At the beginning of our distance learning phase, for their Health & Wellness class, the Grades 6 and 7 students were assigned the task of recording their own trick shots. There were no boundaries to their imagination, and they were free to do whatever they wanted, as long as it was fun. It was very entertaining to watch all the creative and fabulous submissions coming in. You can tell that everyone put some thought into their shots, and they tried very hard to be perfect and almost everyone succeeded.

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Thank you for caring, Emily!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 7, 2021 8:37:14 AM

Our Junior School has an amazing group of caring and dedicated students; evidence of this is always around us in their chatter in the hallways, their leadership in the classroom and in the volunteering that they do.  In a year of lockdowns, there were limited opportunities for our students to leave the campus to do the volunteering that they love.  No cleanups at Camp Mockingee, no pharmacy or Mermaid Theatre volunteers, no reading with elementary school children, no serving lunches at Harvest House, and no hospital or nursing home visitations.  Despite that, our Juniors have still accumulated over 1125 hours of service since September, and I’m so proud of each of them for the garbage pickups, the peer tutoring, the volunteer coaching, the chapel service, and so much more. 

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Annual KES Athletic Banquet

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 2, 2021 9:46:00 PM

The Annual Athletic Awards Banquet for 2020-21 was a great success with almost 70 awards presented. Even though we had a difficult COVID-19 year, as the slideshow depicted, we had a wonderful year filled with many memorable athletic opportunities and memories. Thanks to   Janice Kleiner  for putting together a great presentation, reflecting the various sporting environments and extraordinary moments captured in pictures. The coaches went above and beyond to make memorable opportunities for their student–athletes this year. Our coaches and athletes all deserve heart-felt congratulations for their many sacrifices and constant scheduling revisions. Everyone has an appreciation for the opportunities we had to participate during the ongoing pandemic.

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Mitchell's Contribution to Music Monday

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 2, 2021 9:45:50 AM

The Coalition for Music Education launched Music Monday in 2005. Held annually each May, it is one of the world’s largest single events dedicated to raising awareness for music education. This year, a one-hour virtual concert featuring some of Canada's premiere ensembles was published on YouTube and Facebook. One such group featured was the National Youth Band of Canada, comprised of accomplished instrumentalists from across the country.  
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Who will be the final three?

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 1, 2021 9:46:00 PM

Each year, Senior School English classes participate in the annual speech competition.  This April, students had the opportunity to present speeches to their classmates.  From these class presentations, 16 finalists were chosen.  Not to be deterred by the challenges posed by distance learning, the finals went online in May.  Judging was opened up to our faculty and staff and many volunteered, eager to watch the videos submitted by the finalists.  From sharing personal experiences to informing the audience about a new topic, all speeches were engaging and thought-provoking.   The top three winners will be revealed at the virtual Closing Ceremonies on June 12 th
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Way to go, Junior School Mathletes!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 1, 2021 9:45:26 AM

On Monday, May 17 th, all students in Grades 6-8 took part in the final math competition of the year.  It was the last in a series of yearlong challenging University of Waterloo CEMC (Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing) contests designed for students in Grades 7-12.  Sincere thanks are extended to   Mr. Kershaw  who designed a special Grade 6 online version of the contest so that our youngest students could also benefit from the excellent problem-solving opportunities that these contests provide. 
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Grade 9 Leader – Colin Stephens

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 28, 2021 9:08:00 AM

Colin Stephens, from Windsor, Nova Scotia, began with us in Grade 7 and, over the years, he has established himself as a consistent presence in our Junior School. A reflective thinker, Colin is looked up to by his classmates both because of his physical stature and his willingness to lend a hand. On top of his stellar work in the classroom, Colin has been involved with our Cards for Caring volunteer programme, peer tutoring, and who could forget his clutch game-winning-buzzer-beater during basketball season!

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