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Poetry in Music

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 12, 2019 9:09:30 PM

I have introduced a unit of study on music production to my Fine Arts Music course. There is a new, free, online, cloud-based music production program called BandLab ( that works on all operating systems. It enables users to create multi-track recordings using pre-recorded loops or other sounds from musical instruments or a microphone. It also enables collaboration from any device connected to a network. It is very versatile and, don't forget, it's free!

We all respond to music and words differently. I've selected the William Wordsworth poem I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud and asked my Grade 10 Fine Arts class to set the poem to a soundscape reflecting the musical imagery of the poem with aural variations on every verse.

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Fine Arts “Media and Creative Design”

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 7, 2019 8:28:46 AM

The Grade 10 “Media and Creative Design” students are experiencing the world of photography right now. After working on moving pictures and creating their very own documentaries, our students expressed their creativity in still images. One of their latest projects included the task of telling a narrative in sequence photos based on a famous movie.
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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 6, 2019 9:30:00 PM

It's that time of year again. Our two Grade 8 English classes collaborated and created a School Newspaper which was a project part of their media studies unit. Enjoy their stories!

Click here to read the Newspaper.

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Chicago - The Rehearsals, The Show!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 2, 2019 10:22:10 AM

One month from now, KES thespians, pit musicians, technicians and crew will be presenting the popular musical,   Chicago High School Edition. In the meantime, there are lots of rehearsals and preparations going on, lots! I love the image of the iceburg, The Show/The Rehearsal; it is an absolute visual analogy of mounting any production. Think of it: these students are having to memorize what to say and sing harmonies in tune, know where to be and how to get there and what to do, etc, while others are playing a variety of musical genres at break-neck tempos in every possible key, or hanging fixtures from atop of a fifteen foot ladder and programming scenes in both incandescent and LED atmospheres.
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Fountain Performing Arts Centre Microphone System Upgraded

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Oct 24, 2019 10:27:00 PM

I want to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere thanks to   Ms. Eileen (Fountain) Richardson (1964-68)  for her generous contribution to our King’s-Edgehill School Performing Arts Programme; most specifically, the theatre microphone system.
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A 'bang-up' Job!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Oct 17, 2019 3:15:00 PM

Jeff Smith, Director of Visual & Performing Arts, is pleased to announce that we've expanded our Music Programme even further with the addition of a Drum Line under the capable tutelage of our mad physicist and paramount musician,   Mr. DJ DeCoste . Drum lines have always been a most popular entity in the United States and recently growing in popularity in Canadian high schools. With the whole-hearted support of our School Administration and Finance Department, he has acquired 5 new Yamaha marching snare drums, 3 new bass drums, 3 new pair of Sabian crash cymbals and 1 new quad tom tom drum, all with carrying racks, stands, sticks and mallets. Added to that are other drums that he had in inventory for quite some time. This new endeavour has been embraced by   Major Keith Hynes,   and this select group is now part of our routine Cadet training, working as a dedicated platoon. To give you a peek at the equipment and the group’s intentions, he has filmed their 1st practice which shows them preparing for an Open House demonstration. With the exception of one or two students, everyone is learning their new musical skill for the first time. At the moment,   Mr. DeCoste   has them focusing on time, integration, synchronicity, and fundamental rudiments, all with a dash of maneuvers. He is confident that as our School year unfolds, this conscientious ensemble will do a 'bang-up' job! Please   click here   to watch the video.
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Music Room, Take 5!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Oct 4, 2019 7:00:00 AM

Learning to play a new piece is challenging enough, but throw into the mix the fact that it has to fit a documentary film, adds another element to the task. Here is an example of this in a short clip that brings IB musicians together after some have been away with our Cadet Corps to Holland for the past week and a bit. On top of that, those students didn't even arrive home until 3:00am and they were all in School first thing later that morning and ready to shoot. This video shows performers and technicians getting direction for a short introduction of a Vulfpeck song, Back Pocket. The Holland trip players had never heard this piece before that day. In the clip, you'll hear "music room, take 5". This illustrates a couple of things: everything takes practice and eventually, things come together satisfactorily. It also exposes the capability of these musicians, focusing and coming together quickly. I am happy that our music students got this opportunity to witness this experience. People seldom consider the planning that goes into the amalgamation of music, staging, timing and purpose. The video also gives an honest glimpse of the fun, comradery and potential of our IB Music Class. This is a work in progress, but I can assure you that the finished project will turn more than a few heads; literally!

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Toe Tapping Tunes

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Sep 27, 2019 3:47:00 PM

Joining our KES community this year are siblings   Ann (Grade 7) and Iain (Grade 10) MacQuarrie, from Mabou, Cape Breton Island. Although this is their first year at King's-Edgehill School, they are familiar with us because their older brothers,   Neil (2011-16) and Colin (2011-16; Head Boy)  preceded their arrival. The MacQuarrie family is steeped in traditional music, and these two have been playing together for years already.   Ann  has a lovely singing voice and is equally gifted on the guitar and the fiddle.   Iain  plays the piano like a seasoned professional. It is refreshing that there are young people interested in keeping Maritime fiddle music alive and prosperous in this age of rap and pop songs. Don't let their young ages fool you into thinking that they are of amateur ability; they're anything but! It is a pleasure to share a taste of their talent with you in this video of them rehearsing a few jigs and reels. I guarantee that   this clip  will put a smile on your face and set your toe to tapping!
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KES Arts Committee under Capable & Experienced Leadership

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Sep 16, 2019 8:13:00 PM

Seniors   Max Cole and Katie Goddard  are this year's Head of our Arts Committee and, boy oh boy, do they have the talent and experience to lead our KES artists through a successful and fun-filled time. Together, they cover all of the bases when it comes to the Arts, leaving no component of visual or performing art out of their auspices. They have assembled their committee of a dozen like-minded musicians, thespians, visual artists, creative designers, and dancers, and you can bet that they will be spearheading fantastic projects and events in the months ahead. Already,   Katie and Max,  along with a cast of others, are underway with rehearsals for our upcoming  Senior Musical, Chicago, High School Edition, which will open November 21st.
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KES Alumni - Jim Mullan

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Aug 26, 2019 2:05:00 PM

Like most, my musical journey began when I was a child. The Fisher Price record player I inherited was my first true love. Music was always on in our house and our family gathered around a fire with guitars and a choir of harmonies every weekend throughout my childhood. After starting a band when I was 12, I quickly realized music was something that I loved and that I was actually good at it, unlike many of the sports I grew up playing. I was admittedly reluctant to follow my two older sisters to King'sEdgehill but after watching Ian Janes (1990-95) and his KES band perform at a local battle of the bands, I knew that KES was the perfect place to prepare for a professional career in music.

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