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Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 21

Posted by Joe Seagram, Headmaster on Feb 11, 2019 10:57:17 AM

Dear KES Family:

A week does not go by when I don’t miss teaching in the classroom. Few things in life are better. Jeff Smith often says that he has the best gig going, and there is no doubt that teaching music at KES has brought him and his students decades of joy. I suspect that you would also see the exact same zest in Mrs. Shields’ Math class or in Mr. DeCoste’s Physics lessons. Teaching is, and should be, thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. Happiness is not subject specific.

However, being an English teacher, I enjoyed a unique relationship with my students and with the literature we studied. Sometimes I miss the books as much as the students themselves. What could be better than spending a day with Prince Hamlet or Jane Eyre or Ozymandias?

Years ago (I actually think it was 28!) I taught a Canadian novel entitled Crabbe. Written by William Bell, it is the story of an angry teenager who eventually figures things out after he runs away into the wilderness. Far from civilization he meets a woman Mary who possesses a rough kind of wisdom. Crabbe is a whiner and has excuses for everything. She says to him, “You know what I think Crabbe? I think a person reaches maturity when he strikes the last name off the blame list.”

There are nuggets of wisdom in books and this is a good one. Growing up we have our rites of passage, rituals and ceremonies, but there is something about getting rid of one’s blame list that has always struck a chord for me as the best measure of adulthood. Being responsible and accountable for one’s life is not a function of chronological age or physical maturity. Unfortunately, we see examples all the time in the news of “adults” casting blame and accepting none. Literature is also rich with examples of maturity coming too late, often with tragic consequences. Hamlet is thirty before he stops his whining and starts acting with any real maturity. Juliet is not yet fourteen when she seems to suddenly grow up and take responsibility for her life and the predicament she is in.

Blaming others always seems rather hollow. Like cotton candy, excuses are never satisfying – either to the one making the excuse or the one hearing it. Mary also says to Crabbe, “Waiting around for someone to change your life is a loser’s game.” It is bluntly expressed but perfectly clear. Crabbe needed to hear this. From time to time I think we all do.

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What to Expect at the King’s-Edgehill School Winter Open House

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 7, 2019 4:11:51 PM

On Monday, February 25th King’s-Edgehill School (KES) teachers, staff and students look forward to opening their doors to parents, prospective students and their siblings for a day designed to highlight why so many families choose KES.

We understand that selecting a private school for your children is a difficult decision and can be overwhelming. The KES Open House is designed to simplify the process by allowing you and your child to fully immerse in the KES experience. You will not only tour the campus and get to know some of our KES family, but you will have time to ask questions, explore the classrooms and hear, first hand, the value and enrichment opportunities KES provides each and every student.

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Wrestler Téa Racozzi wins Gold

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 6, 2019 4:42:00 PM

A very small wrestling team participated in the Eastern Canadian Wrestling Championships over the mid-term break.   David McCurdy  and   Callum Lovelace  gained valuable experience in the event.   David  continues to improve, as a rookie, and he learns from every practice and match and his attitude is always positive. He wrestled in the under-21 class and had lots of competition.   Callum  was in the under 17-age group and he wrestled some of the most competitive wrestlers he has seen in his second year in the sport. He continues to improve as a young wrestler and is always keen to make the necessary adjustments. It was rewarding to see him win his final match of the day.
Téa Racozzi, team captain for the KES group, who wrestles in the club events under the name “Windsor Mat Kings”, had a superb performance over the weekend. As an under 19, she also wrestled in the under 21 division and drew two seasoned and accomplished opponents. In her first match against the 2018 NB age group Female Wrestler of the Year (second in the national team trials, and national championships and gold in the Greco event), Téa won a close one 12-11. She worked hard after being down 0-6. Once she was able to establish upper body control and pressure, she scored on a couple of rolls. Téa’s superior fitness was certainly a great advantage. In the final match, she was pitted against a University of New Brunswick varsity wrestler and Téa was able to outpace her opponent in a 10-0 win and pin. Congratulations, Téa!

Mr. Kim Walsh
Director of Athletics

Athletics is one of the four pillars of a King's-Edgehill School education, which is why we offer three seasons of various sports and athletic programmes. Download our Athletics PhotoJournal to discover which of the over 20 different sports your child will love.
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A Broadway Classic

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 5, 2019 2:21:29 PM

broadwaySenior student and "Lifer" of 7 years at KES, Joanna Bond, from Hubbards, Nova Scotia, is no stranger to our Music programme, most especially on stage with our musical theatre productions. Joanna is also a vocalist in the School Jazz Band and Drum Sergeant Major of our Cadet Band. I first directed Joanna even before she was a King's-Edgehill student; she was in Grade 5 and acting in a collaborative production of Jane Eyre between King's-Edgehill School and local theatre company, Quick As A Wink. Since then, I have seen Joanna in every School musical and a bevy of community shows as well. Musical theatre is JoJo's passion. I doubt that there is a musical with which she is not familiar. Like my other Grade 11 and 12 music students, Joanna recently was adjudicated by my associate music teachers here on campus. The comments they made will be useful to her as she prepares for her graduation recital this spring. Joanna performed Think of Mefrom The Phantom of the Opera. This song is regarded by many to be challenging, especially by the final operatic cadenza of scales and intervals that include a high Bb. Accompanying Joanna, is another Grade 12 student and accomplished pianist, Elizabeth Walsh from Labrador. I hope you enjoy the performance!

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Rugby Updates

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 3, 2019 10:47:24 AM

Although we are deep into the middle of winter, rugby season is still ‘top of the mind’ for many members of our School community. A number of our Girls’ Rugby players have been busy these last couple of weeks.

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A Golden Weekend for Biathlon Athlete, Madison Taljaard!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 2, 2019 2:22:53 PM

The Atlantic Cup 2 in PEI was canceled last weekend because of the icy trail conditions but two of our CWG athletes Claire (from Horton) and Grade 11 student, Madi Taljaard, went to Fort Kent, Maine to compete under the coaching supervision of Biathlon PEI.

Madi shot 80% - 8/10 targets and took GOLD in a field of 5 athletes for the first time in her racing career. She has earned many SILVER medals, but this was a particularly good race for her in a new field of competition. The next day saw the pursuit race where the athletes all start at the same time - called a Mass Start. It’s pretty daunting knowing anybody can take your title for first place, but again, Madi came up trumps!! She shot 80% again and claimed her second GOLD medal.

This is a great confidence booster for Madi before departing for Canmore and then Red Deer, Alberta to represent Nova Scotia in the Canada Winter Games.

Karen Jones
Provincial Coach
Senior School French Teacher
Biathlon Coach
Duke of Edinburgh Leader
Lt- 254 King’s-Edgehill School Cadet Corps

Achievements like this make parents so proud! We find that most parents of King's-Edgehill students are happy to help out whenever they can and are eager to answer any questions prospective parents might have. Let us know you'd like to connect.

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The Counting Challenge

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 2, 2019 7:00:00 AM

Our first trip of 2019 to Dalhousie University Math Circles was last Wednesday, January 16th. We had two vans filled with students eager to explore the “Counting” workshop that was presented by Dr. Peter Selinger, a Dalhousie University professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He posed counting problems that seemed easy enough at first, like how many ways could you colour a 2 by 2 square using only two colours? Immediately, everyone started drawing squares, first shading top left, then a different square shading top right, another shading bottom left, and then one shading bottom right. Then the colouring shifted to 2 squares, first on the top, then one side, the bottom, other side, etc. I am sure you get the picture. While it was interesting to try to find all possibilities, a mathematical discussion revealed an easy formulaic way to figure it out. In the case of the 2 by 2 grid, there turned out to be 16 possibilities or simply 2x2x2x2. The 3 by 3 square proved more difficult to draw all possibilities, but a quick calculation (29) indicated there were 512 different ways. Of course the challenge did not stop there. The counting became more challenging when symmetries were considered. In other words, how many ways could you tile the 3x3 square with black and white tiles, if two tilings that differ by a rotation were considered equal? And then, moving into three dimensions, how many ways are there of coloring the 6 sides of a 3x3 cube with 3 colours, up to a rotation of the cube? (answer=24) The evening became a true counting challenge, and at the end of the seminar Dr. Selinger’s explanation of Pólya's counting method provided a quick and accurate way to do so (answer to the final challenge is 24). Our counting was interrupted when the variety of pizzas arrived. 

As always, it was an evening of collaborative problem solving, pizza and fun. I commend David Helyer, Luke Mainwaring, Athena Cox, Silas Fillmore, Yifan (Doreen) Xing, Aden O’Callaghan, Holden Hoover, Zhi (Angel) Li, Jiahuan (Edward) He, Yi (Edward) Chang, and Haichuan (River) Qi for their ongoing interest in Math Circles. It was also terrific to meet up with alumna Mona Mohamed (2015-18)  and former student Matvey Semenenko at the event. 

We look forward to the next Dalhousie Math Circles event: Linear Inequalities and Economic Problems on Wednesday, February 13th. Interested students can sign up on the whiteboard in my Math classroom. Special thanks to Mr. Glen Faucher for driving the second van.

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ACIS Basketball Tournament 2019

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 1, 2019 5:20:15 PM

The Atlantic Canadian Independent School Basketball Tournament was held in Halifax last weekend, and King’s-Edgehill was represented by four teams over several divisions.

The Senior Girls stunned the tournament participants with a semi-final win over Halifax Grammar School. They eventually finished 2nd to Sacred Heart after a competitive final. Rayannah Hwang, Sarah Lynch, Miranda Watson and Maddie Smith led the team to victory. Although Maddie Barbour was injured and couldn’t play in Saturday’s games, her role on Friday was crucial to her team.

Our Senior Boys' Development team played three games with enthusiasm and camaraderie against tough competition. Although the team finished 6th, they had a chance to compete and represent our School with positive spirit on and off the court. Yujianxuan (Rain) Cui, Kun (Ken) Lee and Peter MacGregor led the way with strong play. Jarred Douglas also played a key role in a leadership capacity as he helped coaches with our younger team. 

The Junior Girls were competitive in every game and came home with 3rd place. Gala Holmcontinues to lead the team with great offensive skills and a strong defensive presence. The “two Gabby’s”, Gabby Shaw and Gabby Strickey were also key leaders and players in the clutch.

The Junior Boys finished the tournament in 2nd place with a 2-2 record. Justin Day led the team in the semi-final with aggressive rebounding and key baskets. Yuk Kan (Lucas) Tam continued to lead the team in scoring, and Kyle Clanachan was the main rebounder, especially controlling the defensive boards. 

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Our Very Talented IB Artists

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 1, 2019 2:24:00 PM

Please mark   Thursday, March 28, 2019  on your calendar for this year’s Opening of our   KES IB Art Exhibition. This exhibition will showcase the very talented work of our Grade 11 and 12 IB Art Students. We are very excited because this will be one of the largest shows that we have ever hosted with 50 students in this year’s exhibition! Watch for your invitation.
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Will Mercer to Present at History Forum in Ottawa

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Feb 1, 2019 7:00:00 AM

Grade 9 student,   Will Mercer, is off to Ottawa to present at Canada’s History Forum on January 27 th. Will is in his first year at King’s-Edgehill School and will proudly wear his School uniform during the presentation. Will earned the right last year to present  after having worked on a project at the Booker School under the tutelage of   Ms. Temma Frecker

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