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KES Helps Students Choose the Right University

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Sep 15, 2017 8:09:00 AM

Choosing a university can be a daunting task, but at King’s-Edgehill School we work with our students to ensure they have the right resources and tools to choose the right university.

When choosing a university, we want KES students to not only look at the academic programming in question, but also ask: What is the campus culture like? Will this university properly prepare me for the career I am striving for? Is the school the right size for me? What is the community like outside of the campus? What scholarship opportunities are available to me? Does this school have the athletic or arts programming I am looking for? Is the school located within a distance from home that I am comfortable with?

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DELF and DALF French Language Diplomas

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Aug 19, 2017 1:20:00 PM

At KES, we encourage our students to be more. This is the case for all academic studies, including languages. It is one of the reasons we encourage students to study and learn the French language. For those students who are proficient in French or see it as a requirement for their IB diploma, we urge them to have their language skills certified.

The DELF and DALF diplomas test and certify a person’s French-language skills. The DELF (diplôme d’études en langue française) is for beginners and intermediate-level learners and the DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française) is for more advanced learners.

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Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jun 19, 2017 2:30:58 PM

The Grade 9 junior achievement component this term saw students participate in a stock market simulation over the course of 6 weeks. Students learned how to research stocks and to follow their progress throughout the trading day while picking up some stock market lingo. There were also several classes spent discussing how to be ‘money smart’, what constitutes good and bad debt, and how one should be business savvy. The students came up with their own business ideas and pitched them to the class representing possible investors; quite interesting and impressive ideas! Over the course of 6 weeks of buying and selling stocks synced in real time with the stock market, many groups were able to profit with their $100,000 budget. While more than half the teams were profitable, the ‘West Side Richie’s’ were able to grow their equity by nearly $10,000! This impressive result meant daily trading and keeping a close eye on their stock watch list. Megan Huang, Andrew Atwood, Mario Villafuerte, and Diego Valdes (pictured here) ranked 96th of 1651 teams across Canada, and #1 in the province! Well done team, and watch out Wall Street!

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Triple Provincial Win in University of Waterloo Math Contests!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on May 8, 2017 1:57:00 PM

The Pascal (Grade 9), Cayley (Grade 10) and Fermat (Grade 11) Waterloo Math Contests were held February 28 th, and presentations to our KES Mathletes were made at the April 12 nd School assembly. Certificates of Distinction are awarded to those scoring in the upper 25% of all contestants worldwide, and a medal is awarded to the highest scoring student in the school. For each contest, the top three scores in the school are added together to make up the school team score.

This year, KES placed 1 st in Nova Scotia for the Grade 9 Pascal Contest, the Grade 10 Cayley Contest, and the Grade 11 Fermat Contest. TRIPLE PROVINCIAL WINS! In addition, Jay Liu earned the top score in all of Nova Scotia for the Cayley Contest and Jacob Liu and Rebecca Yu tied for the top score in all of Nova Scotia for the Fermat Contest!

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Oliver Cox - Johns Hopkins Award Winner

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Apr 12, 2017 3:56:00 PM

Meet Oliver Cox, a first-year Grade 7 student at King’s-Edgehill School from Calgary, Alberta. Oliver loves robotics, math circles, snowboarding, basketball, piano, flute, guitar, and ultimate frisbee! He is a vibrant member of our Junior School. Oliver has a genuine love for learning. He enjoys the company of good friends, especially when they are working collaboratively coding Arduino computer boards or building robots. He and his sister, Athena, have enjoyed spending the past few summers at the Johns Hopkins summer camps on university campuses across the US. Last year they attended the camp at Stanford University and this summer Oliver will be on the Johns Hopkins campus in Baltimore, Maryland, while Athena will be at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. They are part of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and, like all the attendees at the summer institute, they must qualify through placement testing to take part in the camps. Having completed the Model UN and writing programme workshops, Oliver is looking forward to taking part in the logics series at camp this summer.
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Girls Get WISE at MSVU!

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Apr 12, 2017 3:53:00 PM

On Saturday, April 1 st, Mount Saint Vincent University hosted the annual Girls Get WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Science Retreat.  Approximately thirty girls from across the province from Grades Seven to Twelve attended the event.  King’s-Edgehill School was well represented by four of our finest ambassadors:  Ella Brown (9), Grace Gallant (8), Athena Cox (7) and Georgia MacKinnon (7). 
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Tips on What Makes a Good Science Fair project

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 16, 2017 9:56:00 AM

Grade 10 King’s-Edgehill student Sophie Fraser knows what makes a good science project. She knows because she won an award for her science project about a cap to be worn under hockey helmets that can diagnose and detect a concussion.

By combining her passions of hockey and science, Sophie created a device that is designed to show the force and impact of a concussion. Her invention is not only a game-changer, but won a silver medal in the Canada wide science competition and the Discovery Award for top student in the science fair process. Her project was recently featured on CTV News.

We asked Sophie to share with us her thoughts on science fairs and discuss what she feels makes a good science fair project. Here is what she had to say:

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Captain’s Council

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Jan 10, 2017 9:56:00 AM

Our Captain’s Council group countinues to met and discussed the role confidence plays in leadership. The Captain’s Council is made up of those student-athletes selected as captains for their respective varsity team here at KES and is advised by  teachers Mr. Kim Walsh, Mme. Karen Jones, and Mr. Rory Campbell.

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KES and the power of mentorship

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Nov 19, 2016 12:56:00 PM

There is power in relationships with those we look up to, which is why KES believes in the power of mentorship in the development of our students. Mentorship is often associated with post-secondary studies, but at KES it is something we take very seriously from the first time a student walks through our doors.

Schools often spend a lot of time talking about the curriculum and focusing on the books children read and the courses they take, but what about the people they are learning from? Mentorship takes place both in and out of the classroom and we believe that exposing our students to a variety of mentors can make a big difference in their academic success.

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Sophie Fraser Shares her story behind "Common Sense" -- an Award Winning Science Fair Project

Posted by KES Blogging Team on Oct 27, 2016 7:08:18 PM

Grade 10 Student, Sophie Fraser recently chatted with CTA about her Award Winning Science Fair Project-- a cap, to be worn under helmets, that can diagnose and detect a concussion.

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