Inside King's-Edgehill School

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 6

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 5

What to Expect at the King’s-Edgehill School Fall Open House

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 4

Heathers: The Musical

KES' Cam Rendell showcases skills to college and pro scouts

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 3

Welcome to the Fold! Annual Giving 2021-2022

Private school language explained

KES swimmers make a splash in support of 41st annual Terry Fox Run

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 2 (2021-22)

2021 Prefect Training

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter – Week 1 (2021-22)

What to expect your first week at King’s-Edgehill School 2021

Schulich Foundation donation takes KES outdoor athletic facilities to finish line

Packing Tips for our Boarding Students 2021

Creativity in GRADE 11 IB SL Math

Good Luck to our Rugby Grads

An Out of This World Experience

Bronze Level Award Winners

Summer has arrived!

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 37

Spontaneous Sounds

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up – Trisha Neville

Congratulations to the Grade 9 Class of 2021!

It can be very tricky!

Thank you for caring, Emily!

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 36

Annual KES Athletic Banquet

Mitchell's Contribution to Music Monday

Who will be the final three?

Way to go, Junior School Mathletes!

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 35

Grade 9 Leader – Colin Stephens

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up - John Richmond

Junior School Public Speaking Competition

What do day students do for wellness when not in class?

Good luck to Vinnie at National Science Fair!

Distance Learning of Music - Not Totally Impossible

Congratulations to our Junior National Debaters

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 34

Athletes of the Week

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up - Pedro Arjona

Grade 6 Girls Dance to Promote Positive Vibes

Virtual Volunteering

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 33

Going the Distance in Distance Learning

Almost, Maine

Connect, Converse and Catch-up - Chad Wasson

Our Debaters Earn Silver!

Almost Maine - Meet Our Cast and Crew

We're All In This Together - Revue Finale

A Great Training Year for the 254!

2021 David Fry Nova Scotia Provincial Championships

Headmaster's Newsletter -- Week 31

Big Wins at Regional Science Fair

Earth Day 2021

"This Is Me:" - Revue #11

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 30

The 8B Times

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up – Camryn Kleynhans & Katie Goddard

Making Friends at KES is like For Forever - Revue #10

Almost Maine - Meet Our Cast and Crew

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up - Struan Robertson

Anything Worth Holding On To - Revue #9

Grade 11 Visual Arts Class

Dalhousie Math Circles - Exploding Dots

Global Knowledge Winner – Sabine Wellard!

Almost Maine - Meet Our Cast and Crew

IB Art Exhibition and Exam 2021

Athletes of the Week

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 29

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 28

Welcome to the IB Art Show!

The 254 Starts Spring Training

Dining in with the 254

Athletes of the Week

Connect, Converse, Catch up – Ian Janes

Almost Maine - Meet Our Cast and Crew

Mediocrity Wins!

Allie Martin - Bus Transfer Art

The Grade 9 Bunny Brigade

How Should One Measure A Year? - Revue #8

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 27

The I Love You Song - Revue #7

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up - Michael Pitaev

Congratulations to our KES Junior Debaters!

Senior School Play - Almost Maine

Meet our IB Visual Arts Students #4

Virtual Event Season… Could we be nearing the end???

Grade 11 Art Class Paintings

Ski Season Ends with a Regional Race!

KES Celebrates Dylan’s First Birthday

Meet our IB Visual Arts Students #3

Emerging Leader - Fox Sullivan

KES High Performance Soccer Winter Training

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 26

Athletes of the Week

Snowboarding Fun!

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up - Lucy Killacky

Choose to Challenge

Hoopla Happens!

Victoria and Ileana Share a Song from Side Show on Broadway - Revue #6

Special Regional Wrestling Championship

Victoria Gives an Impressive Final IB Music Recital

Headmasters Weekly Newsletter -- Week 25

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up - Zabrina Whitman

Dalhousie Math Circles - Exploring Cryptography

Meet Our IB Visual Arts Students - #2

Lennon Rutledge Showcases Fine, Fine Line - Revue #5

Annual Inuit Games

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 24

Making a Difference - One Search at a Time

The IB Visual Arts Exhibition and Exam

Athletes of the Week

Buzzer Beater!!

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up - Liam Hogan

Aria and Others Bare their "Human Hearts" - Revue #4

Junior School Science Fair

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 23

Carpentry Club

Connect, Converse, Catch Up - Emerging Doctors

Grade Six Rap About KES!

Lucy sings Pulled - Revue #3

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 22

Grace Gallant – Our Great Debater

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 21

Emerging Leader - Danica Scully

Escape Room – “The Magic Library”

Junior School 2021 Poetry Competition

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

No Senior Musical Production; Okay, Let's Find A Work-Around - Revue Scene #1

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 20

The Grade 10 Art Class

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

Dalhousie Virtual Math Circles:  Logic and Puzzles

Despite the Pandemic, You Will Be Found

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 19

Emerging Leader – Lucas Martin

Fight for Perfection

Masaki Plucks A Happy Tune

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

First Honour Roll of the New Year

Maanvi Manchineni - One of the Winners of the Cat Contest

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 18

Our Emerging Leader - Eva Palov

Grade 8 and 9 Photography Assignment - Letters from Objects

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

Equestrians Hit the Airwaves

We Celebrate Coach Phillip Hadley

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 17

Chisato Returns to Japan On A High Note

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

Rugby Alumna to Play in English Premier League

Blocks of Chocolate Math

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Lasting Joy of the Season comes from Giving

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 16

Minute-to-Win-It Christmas Antics

It is Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas in the Art Department!

Big Wins for KES Junior Debaters

A Christmas Tradition

A Shout Out to the Chapel Prefects!

Lennon Gets Us Into the Christmas Spirit Singing O Holy Night

Musical Revue

Cooking with our Amazing KES Alumni Chefs, Dev and Adam

Athletes of the Week December 2020

Best of the Fall Memories

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 15

Beaver Computing Competition Success

KES Christmas Break

Emerging Leader – Harrison Klein

Young Alumnae Making Waves

Playing and Learning

Helping Those in Need

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

Pretty Music

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 14

Grade 8 and 9 Acrylic Paintings

Athletes of the Week

Making Others Smile

Tone Row Surrealism and the Young Creative Mind

Connect, Converse, Catch-Up

Junior School Spelling Bee

Our Emerging Leader - Sadie Junger

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 13

British Parliamentary Nationals

Math Circles Go Virtual

A Horn That Speaks English If One Gets the Chance

Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter -- Week 12

KES Mathletes Write the First Round of Year-Long Contests

254 Takes A “Walk” Through the Past

Grade 10 Acrylic Paintings

Athletes of the Week - November 2020

Our Emerging Leader - Nolan Herritt

German Immersion Field Trip to Lunenburg

Headmaster's Newsletter -- Week 11

Remembrance Day at King’s-Edgehill School

Our Debaters are up for the Challenge!

Grade 9 Art Class Watercolours

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